BM#3 – Daily Bell

Daily Bell no longer exists at this location. It has been replaced by Hoang’s Bakery. See the review for Hoang’s here.

101 Chapel Street, Windsor

Price: $5.50
Filling: 2/5 (BBQ Pork)
Dressing/Salad: 0/3
Bread: 0.5/2
Total: 2.5/10

I’ve been back to Daily Bell and you may have noted the change of rating. It seems unfair to dramatically change a rating of a place after one visit but the bánh mì I got was a complete disappointment. Not only was there a distinct lack of meat, but the salad was drenched in this sweet dressing that wiped out the flavour of anything else and made the below standard bread roll extremely soggy. This was undoubtedly the worst roll I have ever eaten and it hurts me a lot to say that. I will go back once more to establish whether this was a one-off, but for a little bit extra, across the road Nguyen’s Hot Bread are serving up much better bánh mì.

Daily Bell on Urbanspoon

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