BM#9 – Top Taste

Top Taste Shopfront (2)

109 Carlisle St, Balaclava

Filling: 2.5/5 (BBQ Pork)
Dressing/Salad: 1/3
Bread: 1/2
Total: 4.5/10

Top Taste (2)

Top Taste isn’t quite that. I wish it was, the two that work there are oh so nice and the location is convenient for me. But it’s not quite good enough.

Too much lettuce, there is way too much shredded lettuce in this bánh mì. I don’t mind when lettuce is added, it isn’t a traditional ingredient though and an overload can make the bread and paper soggy. There is so much of it that you can’t taste much else – which is actually okay – totally overrun. The bánh mì doesn’t taste bad, but the all the best flavours are covered up. Top Taste is dingy inside, the unappealing dim lighting not welcoming. The place looks very tired, an overhaul propably needed. Until then, I don’t have great reason to come back

Top Taste Bakery on Urbanspoon

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