BM#13 – Nhu Lan

116 Hopkins Street, Footscray

Price: $3.80
Filling: 4.5/5 (BBQ Pork)
Dressing/Salad: 1.5/3
Bread: 1.5/2
Total: 75%

It’s got a near perfect score on UrbanSpoon. The place is always chockers. The range of products is stunning, from sweet to the salty. Plonked right in the heart of Footscray’s vast Asian community, Nhu Lan has it all.

My brain and mid-region got incredibly excited when I peared through the glass to the ingredients and up at the colourful menu. Everything looked so tasty, I could easily spend multiple days, queuing up in the line ordering a different bánh mì for the variety. Grilled pork, my personal favourite, won out over all competitors and I got one at an exceptional price.

Maybe I went on the wrong day, or maybe I got an inexperienced server but I’m going to have to go against the general adoration of the place and say it wasn’t the greatest I’ve ever had. It’s tough to say, as the pork was so succulent and tasty and the bread roll was great. The dressing wasn’t at the same level though – I could barely taste the pâté and mayonaisse, just soy sauce. The bánh mì was amazing when not pitted against anything else, but the issue with the dressing brings down its overall score a fraction. Still, going to Nhu Lan is a must.

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