BM#14 – N. Tran

N Tran Shopfront263 Chapel Street, Prahran

Price: $7.00
Filling: 4/5 (BBQ Chicken)
Dressing/Salad: 2.5/3
Bread: 1.5/2
Total: 80%

N Tran RollI have to get something out of the way. I’ve been putting off a visit to N Tran for sometime. Why? Walk in, look at the menu, at the prices. This is too expensive for bánh mì in comparison to other Vietnamese bakeries in Melbourne. And it is a successful place, a lot of customers – the prices could definitely be lowered. Also, I don’t want tomato or beetroot in my salad, please. N Tran automatically serve westernised ingredients, so be assertive when ordering. Now, after saying I wanted Vietnamese salad, I was charged 30 cents for coriander. Not good, not at all.

N Tran very nearly make up for the frustration I had prior to biting into my bánh mì. It is what you expect a good quality salad roll to be, which the front window claims the place is famous for. The untraditional sesame seed roll was the best I’ve had outside N.Lee and the salad inside very fresh. BBQ Chicken is a tad soft, but otherwise tasty, dampened by too much salt from the dressing. If I could regularly drop $7 for lunch, I would, at N Tran.

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6 thoughts on “BM#14 – N. Tran

  1. Holy moly – $7 for banh mi?! That is a little pricey. I’m a little perplexed at why they westernise this particular food item considering it tastes the best when it’s the real deal…. Thanks for taking one for the team and giving this place a try. Hope you have a great Christmas!🙂


  2. Yes $7 is quite expensive for bahn mi. But these are chapel st prices, and it’s still the cheapest place in the area. I actually really like to the tomato and beetroot at n tran. But I would only ever eat it from there as the salads are really fresh. Been eating N Tran for 5+ years now and still my favourite. Nyguens just can’t compete.


    1. Chapel St is just way too expensive, you’re right. I really enjoyed N Tran but I’d say they are very even with Nguyen’s, who do a great roast pork bánh mì and is a bit cheaper. I don’t think I could bring myself to order tomato and beetroot, despite liking it in sandwiches.


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